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Core Values: Gratitude

As we start a new school year, and we adapt to changes, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on one of our core values, gratitude. 
The new effort system, Core Values Assessment, allows us to analyze what gratitude can mean in school, and in life. Because it’s a lot more than just saying thank you. According to the Core Values Assessment, being grateful for the experiences that life gives us, is about having a positive attitude and being open minded about the challenges we’ll face. It’s about avoiding negative self-talk, is about not giving up when faced with difficulty or criticism and is about having a positive attitude towards others and in any given situation. 

When I realized that this is what we should be demonstrating in school, and life, I thought about a bunch of times when we would have failed our Core Values Assessment completely. So many times I see a lot of us have negative attitudes, that are going to take us nowhere, and I truly believe our thoughts and way to approach life can determine what we achieve, and I’m glad our core values can help us and guide us towards a more positive way of thinking and acting. 

I would like for us to reflect on our attitudes, for you to consider that now they are part of your Core Value Assessment, and for all of us to find our own personal way to turn our thoughts into positive ones. 

Ms. Di Muro 

Gratitude Journal

Hi everyone and happy Sunday, 

Last weekend I had a great Saturday with my mom and my grandma (and with my cats, obviously) I was able to enjoy my day with the people I love, and I’m grateful for that. Also, I’m glad my weekend was relaxing because I really needed the energy for the week. 

This week was i n s a n e, but as you should now by now. I’m thankful about being busy and active. However, this week I made some mistakes, I have to say I failed to be the person I want to be and aim to be, and it’s hard for me to deal with that, so my first step is to be grateful about the learning opportunities my mistakes give me. 

But not everything is terrible. The leadership camp was awesome, I got to hang out with friends this weekend that I haven’t seen in a long time and the open house, which I usually don’t like, was fun this year. 

Today I woke up and remembered I hadn’t written my gratitude journal, and I have to say this is a great way to start my day, so, thank you. 

I hope you have a great week, 

Ms. Gaby Di Muro 

Gratitude Journal

Good morning guys,

This week has been a busy one, but I have to say, I’m grateful about it, because it makes me feel great knowing that I’m making an effort, and sooner than later I’ll see the results of my effort.

I want to say thank you, to you, for the great feedback you’ve been giving during class. I know my main job is not to be a teacher, but I really enjoy my time in the classroom with you and I think most of you know, it’s been a challenge for me to teach Life Skills, but to think that this year, from the few classes we’ve had, you guys have been so open to give and recieve feedback, and that your feedback is so special, for example one of you said that the topic that we discusses in class was “inspiring”, it means a lot to me.

I have to admit how scared I was about being STUCO advisor this year, I think I said something about this last week. I’m still scared, but I have to thank everyone that decided to join STUCO because you guys are making the process so much easier for me.

One of the things I’m most grateful about this week is seeing students enjoy their time at school. I know you guys are not super excited about homework, and tests, and everything that “school” represents, and that is why I want to say this, school is also about being able to express yourself and be yourself, and everytime I walk around and see you having a good time, and everytime you guys share your lives with me, it makes me feel very, very grateful.

Finally, I’m grateful the new season of one of my favorite shows is out today, so you know what I’ll be doing all weekend.

See you around!

Ms. Gaby Di Muro

Gratitude Journal

Hi guys, 

Welcome to the first gratitude journal of the new school year. I have to say, starting this journal was one of the best things about last year. 

First I want to start by saying how thankful I am about seeing you all again. It’s been the best week in a while, I’ve been so busy and I had so much fun hearing about your summer and seeing how great you all are. And I have to admit, I missed you. 

I hope you all feel like me, happy to be productive and active again and having new ideas everyday. 

I’m sooooo excited about STUCO, I’m thankful about all of you that want to help out and be part of the student council this year, we are going to have so much fun, I can’t wait to work with you as your STUCO advisor, and I have to say the most exciting thing for me is just how challenging this new job is going to be. 

Honestly, this week is all about hanging out with you again, thank you for everything you bring into my life. 

Happy weekend! 

Ms. Gaby Di Muro 

Welcome Back to School

For website

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 2017 – 2018 school year! I have to admit I miss you guys and I can’t wait for another year of funny stories and great accomplishments.

I’ve been getting ready for another year of counseling and teaching, and a few things are new:

You can now request a meeting with me using the Counselor Referral Box that can be found in the library. It’s pink, of course, so you’ll be able to recognize it right away.

We now have class websites and department websites, you access them here:

Student Support Services Department:


6th grade Life Skills:


7th grade Life Skills:


8th grade Like Skills:


See you next Thursday! I’ll be all ears to hear about your summer vacation and your plans and goals for the new school year.

Ms. Gaby Di Muro