Gratitude journal

Hi everyone,

Last week I forgot to write my gratitude journal. The first time I forgot, I said I was grateful I forgot because I was focusing on experiencing things and being grateful my own way, every day, but this time, I feel a little bit different. I made other things my priorities and I believe I should prioritize gratitude, because I truly feel better when I’m grateful.

This past Wednesday and Thursday I was feeling very overwhelmed and stressed, but I had a homework that made me feel happy. For Random Acts of Kindness week, STUCO decided to send emails to the teachers who inspire us, to show our gratitude, which is a big part of kindness. I decided to write a couple of emails, and writing them made me feel so happy and calm, it made me feel like everything was going to be ok. I think I’m going to start writing random emails whenever I feel down.

STUCO is definitely something to be grateful about. Even though it can give me a headache every once in a while, I’m happy to share with you that I will continue to be STUCO advisor next year. Being part of STUCO is a lot of work, but it’s worth it, you have no idea, and I’m obviously grateful about being part of such an amazing group of people.

I’m also grateful about… honestly so many things. I’m here, sitting in front of the computer and I can’t think of anything specific. Friends, family, cats, Toddy chips cookies, all come to mind. The school, my house, tea and How I Met Your Mother. Jurassic Park and spending the weekend trying new recipes. Everything deserves to be recognized, because we must focus on the positive.

I do have a special mention. This week, during a meeting with Ms. Luckasavitch, she said something I want to remember: just because you did something wrong, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. If it works for you, remember it, because chances are, you’re awesome, and everyone makes mistakes. And another thing you should remember is, mistakes help us grow, they are the best teachers. Embrace, and try your best, to love (or at least like) your mistakes.

I hope everyone had a great Random Acts of Kindness week, thank you for your support always.

Ms. Gaby Di Muro


50 Ways to Take a Break, and the Essential First Step of Remembering

I used to think there’d come a moment when my to do list would get done and then I could take a break. Of course, in time, I came to see that this open space seldom arrives on its own — that life has a way of continually filling up unless I do something to make it otherwise. I also came to see that, often, when I’m most in need of a break — when my thinking is fuzzy and I’m disconnected from my wisdom — I forget that taking a break is an option.

I’ve felt inspired to change my toad-like ways by attempting to loosen my grip on my to do lists and sprinkle in some breaks from time to time. In experimenting with this, I’ve come to see that the time-cost of taking a break is almost always outweighed by the joyful reward of greater clarity and energy when returning to the tasks of the day.

I’ve also had to humbly remind myself of the obvious — that the art of taking a break starts with remembering to take one. One strategy I’ve found helpful in this not-always-so-easy remembering is to identify activities that feel restorative and rejuvenating before the moment when I’m hoping to act on them. By doing this, I’ve found that the idea of taking a break is on my radar, and it feels easier to relax without having to first generate an idea about how to relax.

The sorts of break activities that work best are usually those that feel like the opposite of what we’ve been doing too much of: If we’ve been sitting inside at a computer, we need to get moving outside; if we’ve been doing physical labor, we need rest; and if we feel inundated with mundane details or the heaviness of life’s suffering, we need to take in something inspiring and fresh.

The image below offers a visual stroll through 50 ways to take a break. Use this as an inspiration to create your own list of possibilities to slip into your day or week. You may want to carry this list along with your to do lists as a reminder of the possibility of taking a break… and if you’re out on a windy day, we’ll hope that only your todo list gets blown away.

Take a break

Karen Horneffer-Ginter, Ph.D.


Gratitude Journal

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this entry from my mom’s house and I couldn’t be happier. I love long breaks that let me spend time with my family.

Many of you know I don’t live with my family, they all live in a different city and I don’t get to spend much time with them. I’m grateful because being away from my family has helped realize how important they are and how much they mean to me. I hope you can realize this about your own families before you go away to college, I hope you are grateful about having your mom, or dad, grandparents, uncle and aunt, cousins, siblings, close. And if you are not, what are you waiting for?

One thing I like, and I’m grateful for, about breaks is that they let me clear my mind and come up with new ideas to try and work and at home. STUCO people, brace yourselves because I just came up with a bunch of new things to try.

This week I’m going to try a new recipe, which is part of my 2018 resolutions, so wish me luck. My new found love for cooking has many benefits, besides eating delicious things all the time (obviously, I’m a good cook) I have something new to share with my dad. Maybe some day, he will teach me how to make pasta like only he can.

I wish you all a very happy carnaval, where ever you are, enjoy it, and most importantly, enjoy and appreciate your company.

See you soon,

Ms. Gaby Di Muro