Core Values: Gratitude

Core Values: Gratitude

As we start a new school year, and we adapt to changes, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on one of our core values, gratitude. 
The new effort system, Core Values Assessment, allows us to analyze what gratitude can mean in school, and in life. Because it’s a lot more than just saying thank you. According to the Core Values Assessment, being grateful for the experiences that life gives us, is about having a positive attitude and being open minded about the challenges we’ll face. It’s about avoiding negative self-talk, is about not giving up when faced with difficulty or criticism and is about having a positive attitude towards others and in any given situation. 

When I realized that this is what we should be demonstrating in school, and life, I thought about a bunch of times when we would have failed our Core Values Assessment completely. So many times I see a lot of us have negative attitudes, that are going to take us nowhere, and I truly believe our thoughts and way to approach life can determine what we achieve, and I’m glad our core values can help us and guide us towards a more positive way of thinking and acting. 

I would like for us to reflect on our attitudes, for you to consider that now they are part of your Core Value Assessment, and for all of us to find our own personal way to turn our thoughts into positive ones. 

Ms. Di Muro 


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