Summer Gratitude Journal

Summer Gratitude Journal

Hi guys,

During summer I will be updating my gratitude journal as much as I can, with no pressure to do it every week, but instead, to do it whenever something great happens to me or those around me.

The first thing I want to be grateful about is how my summer vacation started, me and my friends hanging out by the pool and then cooking lunch, it was so nice, because we didn’t have any other responsibilities but to have fun. I hope the rest of the summer is just as fun as this first weekend.

I hope you guys have the best summer and come back with the best experiences and stories to share.

Update, June 18th, Father’s day:

Hi everyone, this is my first update on my Summer Gratitude Journal. I’m thankful that I’m lucky enough to have my dad, my grandpa and my stepdad to guide me and support me (and spoil me) whenever I need it. There are all so different, I get to learn from three different points of view, that’s why I’m so cool haha. I’m kidding about being cool (not really) but I’m serious about my lucky self with all the dads.

This first week of summer has been interesting, I was working and for a second there I thought I might be addicted to CIC, but now that I’m home I feel better about leaving everything organized and ready for next year, that way I can really relax and enjoy my free time. I’m thankful for this time and for the months ahead. I’ll keep you posted on all the gratitude.

Update, July 7th 

Summer break has been nice so far. I’m grateful for the time I get to be with my loved ones. Recently I’ve noticed I’m especially grateful about all the things my friends are accomplishing, and the fact that I feel very happy to see that they’re happy. When things get very stressful around me, I can calm down knowing that my friends are ok.

So far, I don’t miss you, but I’m pretty sure that is going to change soon. I hope you are all having an amazing summer.

Update, July 23rd

Hey guys, as summer comes to and end (whyyy???) I’m thinking about everything I could, can and should be grateful for. Things as simple as eating my mom’s famous chocolate cake or hanging out with friends (and my cats) all the time. I’m very grateful I’ve been able to do all the responsible adults things I had to do, read all the books I wanted and more and buy pretty pens and nail polish. I can’t wait for these last weeks of summer to happen, my grandmother and one of my best friends are coming back from their trips and I can’t wait to hang out with them. I promise to myself that I’ll make the most of these last days, I know it will help me go back to school with a clear and happy mind.

I’m still not sure if I miss you, but I’ll see you soon.

Ms. Gaby Di Muro


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