Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

This week was graduation!

I’m so happy and grateful to see the amazing students of the senior class graduate, it was awesome being able to spend the last two years with them. I’m very grateful that they showed their gratitude to our school, and some of them, to me, it was very special.

I’m grateful about my friends and how I have the opportunity to work on my frienships and make them stronger, and I’m grateful that even when I don’t notice, I’m making new friends.

And on a more serious note, this week I realized that when we have problems, at the time, is hard for us to know why are we having that specific problem, or what have we done to deserve it. This week I learned that one of the reasons we have problems in to learn from them in order to help other who go through the same thing later on. I’m grateful about all the problems, issues and situations I’ve faced in my life and will face during my life, I want to promise myself to always learn from my experiences and know that there is always a reason for everything to happen.

Remember to be grateful, it’s never too much

Gaby Di Muro



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