Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

Hey guys,

This week was off to a slow start but ended up being all work, work, work, but as always I’m happy and thankful to be active, learning and creating. I’m grateful you guys are so interested in getting back on track about school, I see all of you working hard and it makes me want to work hard as well.  

I’m thankful about how awesome my birthday was, I can’t believe how much love I got from my students and former students, it made my birthday extra special. 

One thing I think I should always include on my gratitude journal is the fact that I’m thankful about the school library. It’s so full of amazing finds and options, I always seem to find something new to read. Also, you should check out my recommendations! The selection is on one of the bookshelf on the right side of the library. Let me know what you think! Maybe I should start a monthly book recommendation section on the blog. 

Finally. I’m thankful about Mean Girls because today is the 13th birthday of the movie! Most of you know it’s my favorite movie, so you should know all I’m doing today is watching it. 

I hope you have a fun, relaxing but productive weekend. See you on Tuesday, 

Ms. Gaby Di Muro 


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