Kill Gossip with Kindness

Kill Gossip with Kindness


When we say harsh and hurtful things about each other, most of the time the words come too easily. Criticizing everything around us is one of the ugliest human impulses. I think we can all agree when I say that gossip is a big part of our community and school environment, a big negative part.

I’m not here to scold you about this, I am here to start a discussion that I hope you continue and that allows you to reflect on your own past and future actions. Today I want to encourage you to use your kindness, the one that we have been celebrating all year, to help make our school a positive place for you.

Recently I read the following article “Before You Gossip, Ask Yourself This…”  by Jeffrey Zaslow. The article suggests that before you say something to or about someone else, you should ask yourself: “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?”

I found these questions to be very interesting. Thinking about my own past experiences, I realized that if I had asked myself those questions, I might have avoided a couple of fights, some of the them with my closest friends.

I also realized, that if I start asking myself those questions, from now on, it will probably be easier to have and maintain positive relationships with those around me.

On top of that, I reflected about the issues I’ve seen here in school as a counselor and noticed that about half of them, could have been avoided if you guys asked yourself “Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?” before saying or doing something.

That is why I wanted to share this questions with you. I believe most of you know from your own experiences the negative effects gossip can have on everyone involved. I also believe all of you have the ability to acknowledge that you might have made some mistakes in the past and the ability to learn from those mistakes.

I will like to ask you to push yourself to be try and be the best version of yourself. If we all try, sooner than later, our community and school environment will be a positive space for everyone.

Ms. Di Muro


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