Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

Hi guys, 

I’m grateful I have awesome friends I can count on. Also, I’m grateful because they like the same tv shows as I do. This week I realized I have amazing friends that wouldo almost anything for me, like follow my complicated plans or be a shoulder to cry on. I’m so lucky. 

I’m grateful I’m being recognized at work, I always try my best and it feels good to be celebrated. 

I’m grateful I got to eat my favorite cookies, it has been a while since I had some (Oreos obviously) 

I had a great family weekend and I was also able to relax. I’m grateful I have an awesome, supporting family. 

I’ve realized that I’m usually grateful about the same things, but I think there is nothing wrong with that, I like the things I do and I believe I should celebrated them and appreciate them. I hope you can all share the same believe and be grateful whenever possible.

See you around, 

Gaby Di Muro 


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