Be Thankful You Are Not Perfect

Be Thankful You Are Not Perfect

I believe leadership is learning from our mistakes, and helping others learn from theirs. I also believe we should be thankful every time we make mistakes. Everything is hard before it gets easy and it’s very unrealistic to think that the first time we do something new we are going to be perfect at it.

But, what are mistakes?

Mistakes are not good or bad, they are a valuable learning tool. They don’t define our abilities, they define were our skill is and they let us know that we are working beyond our current capacity, beyond what we already know. Mistakes are where the learning takes place, which means they are temporary, if we use our mistakes properly.

A mistake can give us the information we need to keep growing, because they can help us figure our what we are doing wrong and motive us to find the way to do it right. Because the real learning doesn’t happen just by making mistakes, it happens when we look through the pieces of our mess and figure out what we can use and what we need to change.

One important thing to remember is that the real learning that we get from making mistakes is knowing we have the power to chance, we have to power to improve.

Go ahead, make mistakes, be grateful that you do, learn from them, I’m sure you will overcome whatever get in your way.

Ms. Di Muro



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