Gratitude Jounal 

Gratitude Jounal 

Hi guys, 

Here is my top five this week: 

– I want to start reading a little bit every single day, and I started to read a couple of pages from the book I’m reading right now while I’m having breakfast. I’m grateful I can always improve and create new, positive habits. Also, I’m grateful my mom gave me a good book recommendation that also helps me keep my habit because I really want to know what happens in the book. 

– I can spend the weekend with my family. I’m grateful I can take the time off to get out of town, visit my family and relax for the weekend. I’m specially grateful I get to eat at home, my mom is the best cook. 

– I’m grateful for STUCO and their ice creams, because on Monday I was feeling I little bit down so I bought myself an ice cream and things improved, because I took care of myself before doing what I had to do, in order to do my best. 

– I think is time I say thank you to this blog. I’m grateful I can share so many things here and that some of you are actually reading it!

– I’m thankful for the recognition assembly, it was so nice to see so many of you happy and celebrating your achievements. 

It was a happy week, have a great weekend! 

Ms. Gaby Di Muro


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