Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

Hi guys, this was a weird week, but there are always things to be grateful about.

– I had a very successful PTS Conference. I’m grateful because last year my first conference was so boring, I spent the whole day alone, this year, after working with you and your parents for a while, a had great conversations and I came up with new ideas to help you in school.

– I ate Nutella. I’m grateful because I love Nutella, as you all know, and it’s great that I have the opportunity to eat a whole jar by myself.

– I’m working on a new project here at school that I think is going to be great and it will really help a lot of students. I’m grateful because my ideas are always welcomed and because CIC encourages me to work hard and be great at my job.

– I started a new coloring book and it’s a mindfulness coloring book. I’m grateful because it really helps me relax and forget about everything while I’m coloring, also, I love coloring and doing artistic things and I’m grateful I have the time to do it.

– I did a painting for a friend that is having a baby. I’m grateful we will be able to celebrate her baby shower and that I have the kind of friends that are going to love a handmade gift.

I want you guys to realize that there are always positive things happening around us, even if it feels like everything is scary and confusing at times.

I hope you have a good weekend,

Ms. Gaby Di Muro


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