CIC Stands up! Awareness Week April 4-8

CIC Stands up! Awareness Week April 4-8

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What do you do when a passerby greets you?  How do you react when a loved one gives you a hug for no reason? It’s those simple gestures that can completely turn your day around and put a spring in your step. STUCO, along with Student Support Services, wants to remind you of how important it is to be kind to those around you and to receive kindness in return.  A learning environment with kindness present is much more productive and enjoyable for everyone.

April 4th-8th is CIC Stands Up! Awareness Week and we want the CIC community to ramp up their kind deeds and be aware of the kindness around them.  It is very easy to forget that a little kindness can go a long way.  We encourage you to promote simple actions of thoughtfulness during this week and then keep it going throughout the rest of the year.

SSS wants to track just how much kindness is present on our campus so STUCO will be placing posters on classroom doors throughout the secondary buildings.  These posters will display examples of kind deeds and if it applies to you, print your name on the poster and remind others to do the same.  At the end of the week, the posters will be collected and the results tallied.  If you are the receiver of a kind deed but there is no poster that lists it as an example, we will have a form on the STUCO bulletin board by the secondary office and you can write it in there.

Thank you for helping to support this event and making our CIC campus inundated with kindness!


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